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The experiences you deliver may not be the ones your customers want.

Moments matter. Each one can build or break the connection with your audience. It takes the spark of insight and imagination to meet your customers where they are and build lasting relationships.

Great design can be a messy, nonlinear process – as visualized in Damien Newman’s Design Squiggle (2002).

Imagination, led by insight.

Brand Experience Design. When strategy crashes into creativity, it reveals the lightbulb moment that sets everything in motion. Our team brings in fresh perspective, sharpened by decades of experience. We recognize unique opportunities and craft the moments that inspire and resonate.

image of damon work
Damon Motors / Lightbulb Moment

Let viewers kick the tires.

When it’s the test drive that sells the motorcycle, how do you build buyer interest for a bike that doesn’t exist yet? We built an immersive, interactive web experience that brings the thrill of the open road to the convenience of a screen.

image of gentux work
Generation Tux / Lightbulb Moment

Suit the groom by suiting the bride.

When it comes to wedding planning, the bride is usually the customer. She wants the suits perfect and the groomsmen groomed — all without the stress. So we designed a branded experience with the bride’s peace of mind in mind.

image of aaa work
AAA / Lightbulb Moment

Fear won’t sell safety.

We discovered scare tactics hurt more than help when it comes to identity theft. To stand out in a crowd of fear mongering, we created “The Ring” campaign to reassure customers their identity is safely covered from all angles.

New name.
Same A-team.

As projekt202, we’re still the same senior team of serious people who don’t take themselves too seriously. With future-ready capabilities and big-picture perspective, we imagine and deliver solutions that transform companies into the best versions of themselves.

“The time we spend with you is the best part of our day.”


We’re experimenting with something new.

Not sure where to begin? We’re hard at work in the lab devising rapid approaches to help you quickly identify gaps, zero in on opportunities, and find the right path forward – no matter where you are in your journey.

Let us know how we can help and stay tuned for what’s coming.

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